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Steep Slope Roofing Systems

What is Steep Slope Roofing?

Steep slope roofing usually refers to roofing materials suitable for roofs that have slopes of 3:12 or greater. This means for every 12 horizontal inches, the roof’s rise is 3 inches or greater.

Materials suitable for steep slope roofing include asphalt roll roofing as well as asphalt shingles, concrete and clay tiles, wood shakes, slate and metal roofs. Additionally, some of the modified bituminous roofing as well as certain adhered single-ply membranes and SPF foam can be used in certain steep slope roofing applications.

When is a steep slope system beneficial?

Steep slope roofing materials offer aesthetically pleasing styles and colors, as well as drainage.

Common Steep Slope Installations

Asphalt shingles, concrete tiles, wood shakes, and metal.

The most common steep slope roofing types are asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles are composed of fibrous glass mats saturated with asphalt. Because asphalt is easily degraded by UV exposure, varying colored mineral granules are embedded into the exposed side of the asphalt shingle that also imparts its finished color.

Concrete tiles, clay tiles, and wood shakes are most often associated with residential construction but can be used for steep slope commercial roofing as well. Concrete or clay tiles can be installed in overlapping "shingle fashion" on steep slope roofs. These tiles are usually installed with a combination of nails and cementitious mortar.

Metal roofing can be used in both steep slope roofing and low slope roofing applications. Metal roofing systems have gained popularity because of their heat resistance, longevity and color customization options.


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Why choose CentiMark as your Steep Slope roofing system contractor?

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