Commercial Floor Coatings

Floor coatings are used to protect concrete floors and hide minor imperfections in older floors. Most coatings are 100% aggregate-free epoxy coatings that are perfect for floors that are too rough for thin mil urethane coating but not damaged enough for a heavy duty resurfacer.

Why Floor Coatings for Your Facility?

The coating solution is applied at a heavy mil thickness and cures to an extremely durable and easy to maintain surface that is also impact, strength and abrasion resistance. Top coats and sealers such as Urethanes are optional and can be applied depending on floor usage and requirements.

In settings with electronics and advanced technology where static electricity is a concern, electrostatic dissipative (ESD) coatings provide a solution. These coatings, consisting of multiple layers, aim to safeguard sensitive components and areas from static electricity transfer. The process involves applying a sealant to the original floor for a sturdy base, followed by a conductive primer to channel the current to the ground. Lastly, a dissipative topcoat serves as the final finish.
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Chemical-resistant epoxies are employed for secondary containment in environments with potential chemical or hazardous material exposure. This protective system effectively contains high concentrations of acids and some chlorinated solvents, meeting local, provincial and federal regulations. Certain chemical-resistant epoxies, featuring fiberglass reinforcement, offer a superior solution by eliminating air pocket issues associated with traditional reinforcement matting.

Additional coating options include water-based and solvent-based varieties. Water-based coatings, being two-component, low-odor and high-performance epoxy coatings, can serve as primers, base coats or topcoats. They provide good adhesion, abrasion resistance and moderate chemical resistance. Solvent-based coatings, being durable and light-reflective, offer excellent adhesion and protection. They can withstand mild to aggressive acids, alkalies and aliphatic solvents, suitable for application on concrete, metal, masonry and wood.

Benefits of Floor Coatings



Commercial floor coatings conceal imperfections and offer enhanced light reflectivity for a clean, high-quality appearance. This makes them a desirable choice for those seeking both aesthetics and practical functionality.


Commercial floor coatings are renowned for their exceptional durability and high wear resistance, making them well-suited for enduring heavy foot traffic and common stresses in commercial settings. Their chemical resistance further enhances their suitability for spaces exposed to various contaminants.
Grounded surfaces

Grounded surfaces

Floor coatings play a crucial role in creating grounded surfaces. These are essential in various settings, particularly in industrial environments, as they provide a stable foundation for safe and effective use.
Low Maintenance:

Low Maintenance:

Commercial floor coatings are celebrated for their easy maintenance. Resistant to stains and spills, these coatings simplify cleaning with routine sweeping and mopping, making them a practical choice for businesses seeking low-maintenance flooring.


When you purchase a floor system, you are buying into your flooring contractor. A warranty covering your project will give you the peace of mind your floors will be protected throughout their useful life. CentiMark Ltd. offers a Single Source gloss and dust proof warranty covering all material, labour and tooling used to maintain your commercial floors. All of our warranties provide guaranteed gloss readings and dust resistance, on-site training of customer’s maintenance personnel, maintenance guidelines and 24/7 customer service with direct call access. Based on your project and needs, we will customize a warranty to fit your needs covering you for 10, 15 or 20 years.

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