Cold Storage Roofing Solutions

Cold storage facilities have the unique purpose of maintaining a specific temperature, typically below 50°F/10°C, at all times to extend the shelf life of products stored in the building. This requires a roof that helps prevent an unsafe environment for employees, protects fragile inventory and minimizes energy loss.

Major Considerations for a Cold Storage Roof

Cold storage and freezers have to maintain a constant temperature, which can be difficult in hot climates with high humidity. To meet this demanding need, commercial roofs must provide exceptional performance, they must be capable of enduring the elements while keeping temperatures consistently regulated. For this to happen, a commercial roof for such a building must must meet specific criteria.

interior of a cold storage facility with perishable inventory

Requirements for a Cold Storage Roof

ice build up on a ceiling of a cold storage facility - indication of roof issue


The drastic difference between interior and exterior temperatures and humidity creates a perfect storm for the vapor drive through the roof. A proper vapor barrier prevents air infiltration or exfiltration which could cause ice build-up.
thermal image of a commercial roof

Energy Efficient

Maintaining refrigeration in a large facility requires a lot of power. Your roof is more likely to be the largest surface in your entire warehouse so its energy efficiency is paramount. Multiple layers of insulation are installed and those layers are staggered to prevent thermal bridging, the movement of heat through the insulation layers. Additionally, the insulation has a higher R-Value which helps regulate the temperature in the building.
lift attached to the ceiling of an industrial facility

Properly Connected to the Rest of Your Building Envelope

To create a continuous vapor-tight environment that is refrigerated, your roof membrane has to be properly secured to the rest of your building. This is especially important around the perimeter of the building and any rooftop projections.

Why It's Important for Refrigerated Facilities to Have Proper Roofing

Food Safety Risks

Food Safety Risks

Vapor leaks may lead to cross-contamination, the introduction of outdoor pollutants or moisture creating an environment for bacterial or fungi growth.
Product Recalls

Product Recalls

Pathogen outbreaks due to vapor leaks may result in the loss of products and other financial consequences.
Increased Utility Bills

Increased Utility Bills

If your roof is not adequately insulated and energy efficient, maintaining refrigeration throughout your facility will cost you much more in power bills.
Safety Hazards

Safety Hazards

Condensation due to vapor leaks may create an unsafe environment for your staff and visitors. From slip and fall accidents to mold, ice and moisture build-up in your facility which could drasitcally affect working conditions.

Why CentiMark Roofing is Your Best Option

Our team has over half a century of experience in installing, maintaining and repairing cold storage roofing solutions so we truly understand the unique challenges your facility faces on a daily basis. Contact us today so we can work together to get your roof vapor-tight and energy efficient.

Let's Optimize Your Cold Storage Facility with a Roof That Will Keep Up!

With over 100 locations throughout North America, we’re committed to helping companies keep their facilities watertight regardless of their size or location. Thanks to decades of experience and expertise, we guarantee you the best quality workmanship and attention to the details. Put simply, when it comes to keeping your facility safe and secure against rain, snow, wind and other elements, CentiMark has you covered!

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