Roof Installation & Services for Retail Facilities

Retail facilities have distinctive needs when it comes to roofing. Water intrusion may cause inventory loss, poor customer experience and unexpected closures. Preventing roof leaks is crucial to keeping your facility open.

Let's Protect Your Store From Water Intrusion

Retail roofs are essential in safeguarding merchandise, ensuring customer comfort and upholding the brand's reputation, whether in bustling shopping centers or cozy boutiques. Understanding their unique characteristics is crucial to overcoming challenges and achieving seamless operations.
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Unique Challenges of Retail Roofs

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Positive Customer Experience is Crucial

A comfortable and safe environment for your customers and employees is essential for returning business and positive reviews. Water intrusion can cause safety hazards, property loss and aesthetics issues.
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Multi-function Facilities

Certain retail buildings, like malls, often include restaurants, food courts or kitchens.  Exposure to heat and flames in those sections may create uneven temperature distribution throughout the facility's roof. In cold climates, those differences may cause ice dams that result in ponding water and roof damage. Exhaust from kitchens or dry cleaning facilities may deposit chemicals on your roof membrane. This is why it is crucial to understand how every part of your facility interacts with your roof so that you can stay proactive.
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Water Damage to Inventory or Equipment

Your inventory's condition directly impacts your revenue. An active roof leak can cause visible damage to your products. In addition, any water intrusion you have yet to discover, may result in moisture build-up and gradual deterioration of your inventory.
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Outdoor Contaminants

Roof leaks may introduce outside pollutants into your building, creating unsafe conditions for your customers, employees and inventory.

Keep Your Retail Facility's Roof Leak Free

Don't let a roof leak slow your retail facility down! Here are a few tips to help you avoid water intrusion and damage.
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Have a 24/7 Emergency Number Ready

If there's an active leak that is impacting your operations or you are missing sections of your roof after a significant weather event, call 855-483-1975 in the US and 800-690-6254 in Canada. Our 24/7 emergency service crews will get your building watertight. If your buildings were flooded, we can also help with flooring cleanup.
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Know the State of Your Roof

A comprehensive commercial roof evaluation is the best way to determine your current roof's condition and what work is needed to keep your facility watertight. We recommend scheduling an evaluation every six months and after every major weather event.
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Know Your Retail Roof Warranty

Look into your paperwork to ensure you comply with your warranty terms and conditions. Often, roof evaluations and maintenance are a part of the requirements.
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Preventative Maintenance for Retail Facilities

Proper cleaning and maintenance are the key to extending the life of your retail facility's roof and compliance with your warranty requirements.
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Snow Removal

Dense snow and ice may generate extra pressure on your roof assembly and create unsafe conditions for your shoppers and staff. Sign up for a rooftop snow removal and monitoring plan to manage those factors.

Partnering with CentiMark for Your Retail Roofing Needs

As a commercial-only roofing company with over 55 years of industry experience and over 100 locations across North America, we have a deep knowledge and understanding of your retail buildings' needs. Our experienced crews are just a call away when you need:

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a new retail store space
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  • ✔  24/7 emergency roof service
  • ✔  Roof repairs and replacement
  • ✔  Comprehensive roof evaluations
  • ✔  Preventative roof maintenance and cleaning
  • ✔  Snow monitoring and removal
  • ✔  Budget planning help
  • ✔  Roof safety evaluations and accessories

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