Roof Evaluation Tools

You have a lot on your plate. How can you simplify your facility's roof management and stay on top of scheduled inspections, maintenance and repairs? Explore the tools we offer to help you stay ahead of roof leaks.

Evaluation & Maintenance Programs Tailored to Your Needs

Multiple factors may determine the best roof management tool for you. Do you want to access your condition reports anytime, anywhere? Do you need active recommendations on repairs and maintenance? Do you need a comprehensive analysis with budget numbers for your entire building portfolio? There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution in commercial roofing. Therefore, your facility's roof management plan should reflect your specific needs. To accommodate that, we have multiple tools and programs designed for you.
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What Scenario Fits You the Best?

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I need to understand my current roof condition only.

One-time Roof Evaluations:
If your facility is currently targeted for a roof replacement or you need to understand the condition of your commercial roof, contact us for a
roof evaluation. This option will provide a one-time in-depth assessment of your roof condition with photographs, suggested scope of work, construction details and associated pricing. 

Ask your CentiMark project manager about CentiVision, our industry-leading commercial roofing visualizer that will allow you to view your existing and proposed roof assemblies layer by layer and understand the function of every component of your roof. 


I need to know the state of my roof AND its life expectancy.

Asset Alert:

This program by CentiMark puts you in the driver's seat with detailed repair recommendations, reduced cost of ownership and unplanned CapEx mitigation. Our Asset Alert Program is designed to give building owners a general understanding of the current condition of their roofs. This program provides you with a commercial roof inspection where we evaluate roof conditions that result in a designation into one of four categories for expected roof life:

  • Beyond 10 years
  • 6 to 10 years
  • 2 to 5 years
  • Less than 2 years

Based on this information, you will also receive suggestions to extend the expected life of your roof. This can include recommendations for preventative maintenance, roof repairs or roof replacement if needed. Additionally, this program identifies areas of high-risk potential, providing you with objective criteria to maximize your budgets. Ultimately with Asset Alert, you'll be able to make informed decisions on where, when and how to spend your commercial roofing dollars.



I manage multiple roofs; how can I simplify the process?

Portfolio Management:

Are you dealing with more than one building within your commercial roofing portfolio? If so, we've got you covered! Our Portfolio Management Program is ideal for our customers that manage multiple roofs. This program is designed to help you seamlessly manage all of your roofing needs and projects in an easy, centralized way.

In three easy steps, we will evaluate and inspect each of your roofs, develop an action plan based on our findings and then work with you to implement our recommendations and keep all your commercial roofs in excellent condition.

Step 1: evaluate

Once we identify your buildings and roofs, we will perform an Asset Alert Evaluation on each roof by building and by section. This service also includes a safety audit and a roof energy audit. All of this information will be used to provide you with an understanding of the condition of each one of your commercial roofs.

Step 2: review

Based on our findings, we will develop a detailed report and action plan that will address each of your commercial roofs while also providing you with budget numbers and recommendations to help extend the overall service life of your roofs. We will then sit down with you to review our findings and plans so that we can work together to determine the best next steps.

Step 3: implement

Once we determine the best course of action for your roofs, we will then implement our plan and schedule any needed repairs, replacement or service that needs to be completed. This includes enrolling you in any recommended service programs and our customer service program. We will also work with you to establish appropriate timelines and help you prioritize your projects.

The Best Parts of Portfolio Management

Commercial roof managment for multiple roofs can be challenging. With CentiMark, all of your information is stored in one centralized place - our online portal. From your roofing projects to budget numbers and information on recommendations, you'll be able to find your information organized and available 24/7 all in one location. 

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This unique program is unmatched in the industry. You'll be able to rest easy knowing that you won't be reroofing too early or too late. The ability to address all of the roofs in your building portfolio with one program and a single point of contact sets Portfolio Management apart. Receive an outstanding customer experience with your critical data stored conveniently and quickly accessible. No more worrying about the difficulty of managing multiple projects simultaneously. At CentiMark, we've got you and your multiple buildings covered.

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Where Can I Find My Commercial Roof Documentation?

Online Roof Management Portal:  Our secure customer portal allows you to view all your roofing projects, whether they are completed, ongoing or planned, in one user-friendly place. Get 24/7 access to: 

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  • ✔  Project proposals
  • ✔  Before and after photos
  • ✔  Aerial shots
  • ✔  Historical information
  • ✔  Permits and local codes
  • ✔  Budgeting programs
  • Timeline of progression to project completion
  • Warranty information
  • Service and repair information
  • Educational materials
  • And much more

Take the Guesswork Out of Managing Your Commercial Roof

Your facility's roof will see various maintenance and repair activities over its lifetime. Managing and accessing this information is critical to effectively manage your roof or facility portfolio. Take advantage of CentiMark's portfolio management tools and online portal and keep leaks at bay.