Commercial Roofing Safety

At CentiMark, the safety of your team and our associates is our top priority. Learn more about our procedures, training, safety installations and the solutions we offer to help you improve the safety of your roof. 

Keep Employees and Premises Safe

Working at heights comes with risks and we go above and beyond to protect everyone on the roof and below. Our proactive approach allows us to address safety challenges head-on and cultivate a culture of vigilance and responsibility.
roof safety installation

Safety Products and Solutions for Your Roof

We offer multiple types of commercial roof safety products to help you minimize risks associated with employees or contractors accessing your roof.
guardrails on a commercial roof as a safety measure

Safety Guardrails

Perimeter railings around roof edges and hazardous areas that provide fall protection on the roof.
commercial roofers in harnesses showing proper safety procedures

Positioning Systems and Safety Lines

These fall restraint solutions install plates to the deck connecting a heavy-duty horizontal "lifeline". Workers connect their full-body harnesses to that line via a tie-off.
Perimeter warning lines on a flat roof

Perimeter Warning Lines

Visual system made of rope/wire/chain and warning flags, installed at least six feet from the fall hazard.
roofer climbing up a ladder


Adequate, OHSA compliant roof ladders with a security door or a ladder access landing platform will help your team safely access various sections of your roof.
two roofers installing skylight screen

Skylight Screens

Cage-like devices cover skylights to prevent falling through.
roof hatch safety rails for safety compliance

Roof Hatch Safety Rails

Fall protection around roof hatches is essential to keeping your team safe when accessing your roof.
two manufacturing workers walking on a walk pad on the roof

Walk pads

Membrane reinforcements for protecting your roof from traffic-related punctures and increasing foot traction for when your team is accessing the roof.

Taking Safety Seriously

At CentiMark, we understand the importance of protecting your building, the people inside it and our crews while working on any commercial roofing project. That's why we are dedicated to providing you with the latest safety products and advancements in the industry every step of the way.

two commercial roofers in full gear at work
smiling commercial roofer CentiMark employee in full safety gear

Safety Training

Our crews attend regular training that includes OSHA, First Aid, CPR, proper procedures and proper use of all equipment to ensure they are always up-to-date with the necessary knowledge and skills to implement safety procedures throughout every stage of a roofing project. Before starting any job, a comprehensive safety plan will be reviewed with each customer and our crew to ensure everyone knows potential hazards and how they will be addressed.
smiling female commercial roofing safety professional with a clip board

Safety and Risk Professionals

Our Safety and Risk Compliance associates report to the corporate team, not local branch management, to ensure consistent standards and results. There's a Safety Compliance professional for every 33 CentiMark associates. Their primary responsibilities include project safety set-up and follow-up, unannounced inspections to ensure compliance with all customers, CentiMark, Federal and State rules and regulations.

Safety Incidence Rates

Safety incidence rates measure a company's performance as determined by the number of injuries for every 100 employees who work 40 hours per week, 50 weeks per year. Through unparalleled training and procedures, we strive to maintain an excellent score. CentiMark's Incident Rate is lower than the industry average: 1.26 CentiMark vs 3.6 average.


Safety Incidence Rates graph

Let's Keep Your Roof Safe Together! Contact Us!

Falls from heights are one of the biggest safety concerns for a commercial building. Our team of safety professionals is just a call away if you need more information regarding our training, approach and procedures. They will also help you determine what commercial roof safety accessories your facility requires to minimize roof accidents.
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