Available Commercial Roof Systems

Let's delve into commercial roofing options that suit your particular requirements, weather patterns and current roof conditions. The roof of your facility serves as its primary defense against the elements and plays a crucial role in enhancing your building's overall energy efficiency. We specialize in the installation and maintenance of various types of commercial roof systems, supported by our exclusive Single Source Warranty and reliable workmanship.

TPO roof installed by CentiMark over a commercial garage


Rapidly growing in popularity across Canada, these roofs are an excellent fit for many commercial and industrial facilities that focus on sustainability and long-term performance. Discover the benefits of TPO roofing and see if they might be the perfect solution for your property.
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Strength and durability
No need for biocides
Long-term weather resistance
Chemical resistance
Energy savings
PVC roof by CentiMark over a warehouse


Past performance and strength allow this type of roof to maintain its popularity with industrial facilities from coast to coast. Explore all the benefits of PVC roofing and see how it can keep your facility safe and watertight for many years.
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Outstanding life expectancy
Cost-efficient solution
Chemical resistance
Fire resistance
Resistance to the elements
EPDM roof installed by CentiMark over a factory


With the longest-lasting service life in the industry, EPDM, also referred to as rubber roof, is a highly durable and cost-effective choice for many commercial buildings. This ultimate weather protector is ready to withstand extreme conditions and keep your building watertight. Learn More >>

Longest service life in the industry
Lightweight and flexible
High resistance to wind, hail and UV
Extreme temperatures resistance
Reflective waterproof coating installed by CentiMark over a metal commercial roof


Not looking for a full tear-off and roof replacement? Roof coatings may be the solution for you. Coatings can be applied to most roof systems, filling in cracks and sealing porous materials. These systems are a fast and cost-efficient way to waterproof and renew your roof's surface.
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Waterproof your existing roof
High UV stability
Improved energy efficiency
Fast installation
Custom color match
Extend the life of your existing roof
Mod-Bit commercial roof installation by CentiMark over a factory


Known for its outstanding performance in harsh conditions, modified bitumen (Mod-Bit) commercial roof systems have over 50 years of history in the industry. When looking for something tried and true - look into the benefits of Mod-Bit roofs and see if they fit your facility's functions.
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Outstanding durability
Energy efficiency
BUR roof system with gravel by CentiMark


Ideal for high-traffic roofs, these systems have a long history and proven track record. Whether you are in charge of an industrial facility or a high-rise complex, built-up (BUR) roofs will provide unparalleled weather and fire resistance.
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Outstanding performance
Advanced fire resistance
Traction for hight traffic
Close up of a metal roof


Looking for a new metal roof? Wanting to restore or strengthen an existing metal roof? Whichever it is, there are multiple options and materials with a wide variety of benefits.
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The longest life span in commercial roofing
Unparalleled weather resistance
Class A fire rating
Roofer installing shingles on a roof

Steep Slope

Is your commercial or industrial roof slope more than 3:12? For every 12 horizontal inches, it rises three inches or greater? If this is the case, here are your benefits and solutions.
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Low maintenance
Energy efficiency
Additional space
Solar panels installed on a roof


Looking for sustainable green roofing options? Whether you are in the market for a garden roof or just looking for some daylighting options, we have solutions that will fit your needs.
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Temperature control
Maximizing the use of daylight
LEEDTM points/certification credits
Harness the solar power
Air purification and urban landscaping

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