Roofing Solutions for National and Global Companies

Are you in charge of multiple facilities across North America and find yourself looking for ways to simplify your portfolio management? CentiMark provides solutions for national customers, helping them understand their property’s roof condition and knowledge of industry best practices to make informed business decisions through lasting partnerships.

Why Have a Single Roofing Partner for All of Your Locations?

Things can get hectic when you have multiple locations in your portfolio. Each facility may have different weather challenges, operations and differences in their roof systems not to mention the age and condition of the roof. However, all facilities are expected to be watertight and safe for your staff, visitors or residents. When you have multiple locations, things can get  complicated when you have to work with local vendors to maintain the roofs in each location.
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That is because every contractor may have a different approach to doing business and quality control. So how can you consistently manage all your roofs across North America? Work with CentiMark, a national roofing company in which you can partner. With over 300 crews in 100 offices, CentiMark delivers consistent results from coast to coast.




Benefits We Offer to National Roofing Accounts

We understand you have a lot on your plate and the stakes are high. Our team is focused on simplifying your roofing portfolio management and long-term solutions to keep your facilities leak-free.

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Single Point of Contact for All Roof Service Questions or Requests

We've all been there - dealing with 800 numbers, chatbots or multiple contacts, which can be frustrating. As CentiMark's national partner, you will have a dedicated National Account Manager covering all of your facilities. Whether you have a roof emergency, a question regarding an existing service project or need help budgeting for your capital and operating expenses - one call or email to your National Account Manager is all it takes.
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24/7 Response and Priority Scheduling

Emergencies happen. With our customer service team dedicated to our national customers, you just have one call to make for priority service. We prioritize our national partners and will get your facility back to being watertight as soon as it's safe to travel to your location.
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Portfolio Management Program

Tired of looking for missing warranties, estimates and other documents related to your roofs? Need a snapshot of your entire roofing portfolio with repair and replacement estimates and timelines? CentiMark's Portfolio Management Program delivers everything via a centralized online portal. We will evaluate all your roofing assets and create customized strategies to maximize the lifespan of every roof under your care, regardless of location or condition.
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Bandwidth to Handle More Projects than Any Other Roofer

With over 300 highly-trained crews and best-in-the-industry safety ratings, we have the capability to complete all of your projects no matter where they are located.
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Single Source Warranty

Make just one call to discuss warranty concerns or to set up 24/7 emergency roof repair service. CentiMark’s warranties cover both workmanship and materials providing you peace of mind.

Why Partner With CentiMark? 

Repair or Reroof: Know When the Time is Right!

Our experienced roofing professionals are focused on strong, long-term partnerships and we understand the importance of transparency and trust when it comes to one of your most expensive assets. We are not here to sell you reroofing services but to maximize your roof's performance and lifespan. Some roofs in your portfolio could be in excellent condition and only require maintenance to keep them going strong. Others may need some repairs or coating to postpone reroofing while some may be too old or damaged and reroofing becomes a better budgetary decision. Our comprehensive evaluations with detailed reports and recommendations will allow you to make the best decisions for your business and plan your roofing budget for years ahead. Optimal timing for reroofing is crucial as doing so either too early or too late can result in financial loss. Keeping up with multiple roofs nationwide adds complexity to that perfect timing. With CentiMark by your side, you will have the correct time and estimate for every facility you manage.

Interested in Learning More About Our National Accounts Program? 

Let us help you streamline your nationwide roof management! When you partner with CentiMark, you will receive consistent, high-quality results and white-glove service for all your locations regardless of their current roofing needs. Our goal is to keep all your facilities watertight and provide you with the tools and information you need to make the best decisions for every building in your portfolio. Contact us today!
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