Snow Removal

Snow Removal

During snow emergencies, a critical window of response exists. Heavy, drifting snow and ice is hazardous to the roof structure. Excessive weight loads can cause roof collapse putting both people and property at risk.

CentiMark provides 24/7 emergency commercial roofing snow removal response to quickly secure your facility from the threat of severe weather.

  • Heavy snow loads and drifting snow is hazardous to the roof structure
  • Excessive weight loads can cause roof collapse putting both people and property at risk
  • Heavy roof snow and ice melts can create dangers at ground level
  • Freeze/thaw cycle can exacerbate roof defects compromising the integrity of roof membrane
  • Contract with roofing professionals experienced in commercial roofing snow and ice removal (Inexperienced snow removal landscapers and hired personnel can damage or even destroy the roofing system)

Commercial Roofing Snow and Ice Removal Services:

  • 24/7 emergency snow and ice removal service response
  • CentiMark crews are professionally trained in safe snow and ice removal procedures
  • Competitive pricing for storm emergencies – standard hourly rates applies
  • Safe snow and ice removal without damage to existing roof system and interior structures
  • Special attention in drifted snow areas:
  • Rooftop equipment, parapet, firewalls, penthouses and elevation changes
  • Proper snow removal equipment utilized
  • Adherence to critical safety measures
  • Snow and ice removal experience with all commercial roofing systems
  • Preventative snow and ice roofing solutions
  • With offices throughout Canada to provide local CentiMark response to storm emergencies
  • Comprehensive post-storm roof inspection for damage assessment following severe weather events

CentiMark has decades of national experience with commercial and industrial roofing removal, repair and re-roofing systems. Our trained professionals are experienced in proper rooftop snow and ice removal and adhere to strict safety regulations and procedures.

Post-Storm Roof Inspection

Once your commercial roof is secure from the threat of wintry weather, CentiMark offers a comprehensive Post-Storm Roof Inspection to identify where your commercial roof has sustained damage from the storm event. Our professionally trained roofing inspectors can provide a complete assessment on the condition of your roof and cost-competitive repair solutions to the storm damage.

Preventative Snow and Ice Solutions

Our trained inspectors can also provide preventative snow and ice roofing solutions that will provide additional protection for your facility from future winter storm emergencies. Snow Guards hold snow at the edge or peak of a roof and allow the snow to melt gradually. This prevents large amounts of snow from sliding off the roof causing unsafe conditions on the ground below.



Winter Roof Solutions

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