MyCentiMark Local

MyCentiMark Local

Determining when to repair or replace your roof has historically been based partly on fact and partly on opinion.

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Your roofing options

Our customers wanted a more objective and definitive assessment method that would determine precisely when it made the most sense to repair or replace a roof. It's also beneficial to accurately predict the associated life expectancy of that repair or re-roof decision. 


MyCentiMark Local - information management

The life of a roof can span decades. During this time, there will be maintenance and repair activity on the roof. Managing and accessing this history is critical to effective facility management. CentiMark offers a unique on-line management application that captures information relating to these roof repairs and activity:

- A secure log-in to MyCentiMark Local

- Before and after pictures of the completed repair work 

- Views via aerial images and smartphones pinpointing exact building location of repair work performed 

- Ability to review the work authorization form signed at the site by the customer representative 

- Access to a line-item breakdown of hours and materials used on the job 

- Review of recommendations for preventative maintenance or additional services suggested

This application is provided at no charge to all CentiMark Service customers. 


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