Green Roofing


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Green Roofing Options

Sustainability - green roofing solutions

CentiMark cares about the future of our environment. We recycle roof debris and can provide our customers with a variety of sustainable roof solutions. Considering green options for your roof? Below are some environmentally friendly ideas.

Garden Roofing


One of the most interesting roof types being proposed and installed as a solution to mitigating the Urban Heat Island phenomenon is the garden roof - a better descriptor than the broader term green roof that can refer to reflective cool roofs as well. Installed on top of a roof membrane is a series of planting containers that are filled with growing plants.


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Finding efficient ways to reduce energy consumption within a facility is a major concern today. Daylighting allows natural sunlight to illuminate the interior space of a building without the need to rely exclusively on electrical lighting during the day. Facilities with large flat roofs can benefit from natural daylighting through the use of prismatic skylights and light tubes.


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Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are designed to produce electricity from the sun. This electricity is considered "free" since no fuels produce it. Silicon wafer semiconductors are exposed to the sun's energy and produce a small electrical current. To make enough power to be of significance, groups of these semiconductors are connected together in a panel.


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Cool Roofs


Cool roofs use materials that are highly reflective of the sun's radiant heat. They may also have a high thermal eminence value. Eminence is a measure of how much absorbed radiant energy is given off into the atmosphere - keeping the surface cooler as a result. As much as 65% of the total radiant heat energy is reflected back into the atmosphere on new cool roofs. 


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Recycling is important to CentiMark! We work hard to recycle old roofing materials by reprocessing them into new products after their initial service life ends. Salvaging edge trim and other scrap during manufacture results in the reduction of virgin material use and eliminates the transport of waste. Roofing materials that can be recycled are wood, fiberboard insulation and perlite insulation.


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Tax Incentives


There are many state, government and power company programs, rebates and incentives that make choosing sustainable products and practices fiscally rewarding. The programs and incentives induce designers and building owners to adopt green strategies for their facilities. State and local power company programs can be found at:


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LEED - Information


Does CentiMark use products that can qualify for a LEED credit? Yes! Reflective roof membranes and coatings may qualify for a LEED credit. Depending on recycled content, some products may be eligible for additional LEED credits such as wood fiberboard, ISO, or EPS. Amounts of insulation above that required by code can be seen as an additional LEED credit.


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Energy Efficiency


By utilizing reflective roof materials, Urban Heat Island effect may be reduced. Through effective and economic recycling of roof materials, the waste sent to landfills will decrease. Our technological innovations and web-based initiatives help create a paperless roof repair reporting system. Your before and after photos, invoices, work orders and other documents can be viewed online.


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Title 24 - Information


The California Energy Commission created regulations to reduce its energy consumption and provide energy efficiency standards for residential and non-residential buildings. Can CentiMark provide CRRC-rated products? Yes, we do use various TPO and PVC membranes that are Title 24 compliant materials. In addition, some of the white coatings used over SPF are also Title 24 compliant.  


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