LEED Information

What is the LEED program?

LEED is an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Who administers the LEED program?

LEED is a program sponsored and administered by the US Green Building Council.

What is the purpose of LEED?

LEED provides a rating system that incentivizes designers and builders decision to choose "green" building products for the construction and operation of buildings.

How is a LEED credit obtained?

LEED provides a set of widely accepted criteria as guidelines for choosing "green" products. Selecting "green" products over more traditional ones can provide LEED credits.

What is a "green" product?

Technically, a "green" product is one that has minimal impact to the environment. Green products are factors in designing for sustainable development.

What is meant by "sustainable development?"

Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability to meet the needs of future generations.

Are building products the only way to obtain LEED credits?

No. How and where the site is selected and used as well as how the building affects the surrounding microclimate's environmental conditions account for some available LEED credits

Does CentiMark use products that can qualify for a LEED credit?

Yes. Reflective roof membranes and coatings qualify for a LEED credit. Depending on recycled content, some products may be eligible for additional LEED credits such as wood fiberboard, ISO, or EPS. Amounts of insulation above that required by code can be seen as an additional LEED credit. Depending on the facility's location, products used from manufacturing locations within 500 miles of the job site may also be considered for a LEED credit.

What is a LEED certified project?

A LEED certified project is one that has submitted documentation to the LEED Steering Committee for verification of the total number of credits allowed by LEED guidelines for certification. A minimum of 26 LEED verified credits is required to be awarded "certification" status for New Construction and 39 LEED credits for Existing Buildings.



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