Garden Roofs

What are Garden Roofs?

Garden roofs incorporate vegetation on the roof’s surface. This can help to sustainably reduce stormwater runoff and combat the urban heat island phenomenon while also being aesthetically pleasing.

What is the urban heat island phenomenon?

Severe temperature increases have been observed in city centers. This is commonly known as the urban heat phenomenon. This dome of heat creates an unhealthy environment of polluted air and smog.

Types of Garden Roofs

Intensive - Planned and designed roofs incorporating plants and shrubs with a minimal soil depth of six inches. Intensive garden roofs place a heavier weight load on the roof and require irrigation, fertilization and routine maintenance.

Extensive - Minimal weight load on the roof with a soil depth of three to six inches and the use of smaller plants. Extensive garden roofs also have lower maintenance, nutrient and irrigation requirements.

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