Garden Roofs

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What are Garden Roofs?

One of the most interesting roof types being proposed and installed as a solution to mitigating the Urban Heat Island phenomenon is the Garden Roof - a better descriptor than the broader term Green Roof that can refer to reflective cool roofs as well. Essentially, the low-slope roof area is covered with a roofing membrane. Installed on top of that roof membrane is a series of planting containers that are filled with growing medium and plants.

Types of garden roofs

Intensive - planned and designed roofs incorporating planting medium up to several feet in depth requiring extensive maintenance. These roofs are intended for public access and use and are usually built-in-place. 

Extensive - planting media is eight inches or less in depth with few maintenance requirements and not intended for public access; usually composed of recycled plastic modular planting units. 

Benefits of garden roofs

- Mitigate Urban Heat Island effect - saves energy and reduces rooftop temperatures 

- Manages storm water runoff 

- Aesthetic improvement - adds value 

- Reduces glare to surrounding buildings 

- Increases oxygen production 

- Plants absorb CO2 

- Absorbs sound - due to increased mass 

- Reduced HVAC requirements 



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