Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency for Roofing

At CentiMark, we demonstrate conscious regard for the environmental impact of our materials and roof systems.

A more Earth-friendly facility with CentiMark's green roof and energy-efficient solutions

By utilizing reflective roof materials, Urban Heat Island effect may be reduced. Through effective and economic recycling of roof materials, the waste sent to landfills decreases. To reinforce our commitment to the environment, we recycle in our office locations. That includes paper, toner cartridges, glass, plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

Our technological innovations and web-based initiatives help create a paperless roof repair reporting system. Before and after photos, invoices, work orders and other documents can be viewed on-line and printed on paper only when required.

CentiMark recognizes the importance of conservation, energy efficiency, green roof solutions and recycling. Our continued commitment is to do our best to work with roofing solutions that benefit our customers and our world, today and into the future.




Protect your building with energy-efficient options

CentiMark provides a highly reflective roof coating that has excellent elongation, tensile strength, UV resistance, low temperature flexibility and superior adhesion.

Form and Function: Black roofs are coated to provide an attractive white surface that reflects heat and sunlight. 

Waterproof: The coating is a three-step application providing additional water resistance to the existing roof system, flashing and penetrations.

Energy Savings: Cooler roofs may reduce a facility's utility bills and electrical demands. Coatings help protect your roof and may reduce maintenance costs. 


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