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What is Daylighting?

Daylighting is a strategy that allows natural sunlight to illuminate the interior space of a building or facility without the need to rely exclusively on electrical lighting during the day. Commercial and industrial facilities with large flat roofs can benefit significantly from natural daylighting through the use of prismatic skylights and light tubes.


  • 1Energy savings
  • 2Lowers greenhouse gas emissions and lessens pollution of air and water
  • 3Aesthetically pleasing

Natural daylighting using prismatic skylights and light tubes generates almost no heat at all, which can cut down on a facility's use of electricity. Environmentally, daylighting reduces the load on power plants, lowers greenhouse gas emissions and lessens pollution of air and water, an associated by-product of generating electricity. The overall effect from natural daylighting is an aesthetically pleasing environment in which to live, work and interact that also helps manage the energy costs associated with maintaining your facility.

So… Are you ready to make the switch and go green? Contact CentiMark Ltd. for a demonstration on how daylighting might work for your facility.

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