Finding efficient ways to reduce energy consumption within a facility is a major concern today both from an economic as well as environmental responsibility. CentiMark is committed to bringing our customers roofing solutions that address both.

If your organization is contemplating moving toward a more "green" approach with respect to your facility, then talk to CentiMark, as we offer a broad array of sustainable roofing solutions that can address your specific needs and budget. One such solution is the practice of daylighting.


What actually is daylighting? Daylighting is a strategy that allows natural sunlight to illuminate the interior space of a building or facility without the need to rely exclusively on electrical lighting during the day. Commercial and industrial facilities with large flat roofs can benefit significantly from natural daylighting through the use of prismatic skylights and light tubes.

Open Financial, environmental, and social benefits

There are many benefits to be gained from daylighting. Studies have shown that when using as little as 4% of the total roof surface fielded with prismatic skylights, an organization can reduce electrical lighting requirements by as much as 70%. This can result in a sizable reduction in energy costs with an oftentimes return on investment in as little as two years. Within 6-8 years, prismatic daylighting can also help to recapture the cost of a new energy-efficient roof system.

What differs with the prismatic skylight from a traditional white or clear skylight is the optical design. Thousands of tiny prisms on the skylight surface refract direct sunlight into thousands of micro sunbeams, resulting in a softer yet brighter natural light when compared to standard skylights.

Light tubes on the other hand, allow you to harvest daylighting by sensing when to conserve energy when the lights are not needed. Through sensor technology, light tubes determine and regulate the amount of light needed, if at all, during daylight hours. This integrated system often allows an organization to completely remove itself from the electrical grid for significant periods of time - the economic impact goes straight to your bottom line.

Reliance on electrical lighting produces heat as well as pulling electricity from the energy grid. Natural daylighting generates almost no heat at all which can also cut down on a facility's use of air conditioning. Environmentally, daylighting reduces the load on power plants, lowers greenhouse gas emissions and lessens pollution of air and water, an associated by-product of generating electricity.

Additionally, studies have shown that drawing natural daylighting into interior spaces has many tangible benefits as well. Some of these benefits include greater employee productivity, higher retail sales, improved student health and academic performance, and a reduction in employee absenteeism. The overall effect from natural daylighting is an aesthetically pleasing environment in which to live, work and interact that also helps manage the energy costs associated with maintaining that facility.

Open your roof to daylighting with CentiMark

When you contract with CentiMark Corporation for your daylighting initiative, you'll be assured that your roof surface will be protected from damage. Our commercial roofing expertise in installation ensures that skylight and light tube penetrations (roof openings) are flashed and sealed properly, keeping them watertight. We are so confident in our installation ability that CentiMark provides a labor and material warranty on the skylights equal to the warranty of your CentiMark roof warranty.

Daylighting makes sense and partnering with CentiMark for your daylighting initiative also makes sense. Let CentiMark demonstrate how daylighting may work for your facility. We can assist you in determining available State, Federal and Utility company rebates and incentives to help recapture your daylighting investment. 



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