Our Floor Systems

Helping you explore your flooring options - Find the right flooring system for your facility’s needs. All installation, service and maintenance is conducted by experienced CentiMark Ltd. flooring crews providing unparalleled workmanship and backed by a Single Source Gloss and Dust Proof Warranty.
Polished Concrete Achieve a high quality, durable floor finish with minimal maintenance requirements by polishing your commercial floors. For both concrete and terrazzo floors, polishing can restore the original look and provide a long-term solution. Decorative options are also available. Learn More >>
Urethane Create a high-performance floor system with urethane coatings that provide excellent chemical, abrasion, impact and thermal shock resistance. Urethane coatings are great for areas that require aggressive cleaning such as food and beverage manufacturing as well as areas that encounter harsh chemicals. Learn More >>
Coatings Coatings provide impact and abrasion resistance while hiding the imperfections of concrete. They are long-lasting, durable and easy to clean. Some coatings provide zero static electricity for electronic and high-technology environments while others provide protection from harsh environments such as chemical leaks and spills. Learn More >>
Resurfacers Repair and smooth damaged concrete floors with resurfacers that are durable, seamless and chemical resistant. Newly resurfaced floors will have a seamless surface that will add years of serviceable life to your existing floors. Learn More >>
Decorative Broadcast Restore the shine in your worn concrete floors with the option of adding texture and color all while increasing durability and safety. Decorative broadcast floors will add a pleasing appearance to all hardworking, high wear flooring surfaces. Learn More >>

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