High Build

High Build Coatings

100% aggregate-free epoxy floor coating that is perfect for floors that are too rough for thin mil floor systems but not damaged enough for the Heavy Duty Resurfacer. The floor system is applied at a heavy mil thickness and cures to an extremely durable surface. Topcoats are optional and can be applied depending on floor usage and other special requirements.

High Build Coatings give new floors an attractive, easy-to-maintain surface. They are used to protect concrete floors, hide minor imperfections in older floors and topcoat QuestMark mortar floor systems. The products are 100% solids, two-component epoxy coatings.

High Build Coatings offer impact, strength and abrasion resistance while hiding surface imperfections and pitted concrete. The products cure to an extremely hard and durable surface, which can be smooth, textured or made into a non-slip floor surface. High Builds have minimal odor.




- Manufacturing cells - Hides minor imperfections
- Control rooms - Higher wear resistance vs Thin Mil
- Clean rooms - Provides light reflectivity
- Traffic aisles - light to moderate  - Adds “depth” to the floor
- Assembly lines  
- Laboratories  
- Airplane hangers  
- Pharmaceutical processing areas  
- Recoat existing epoxy floors  


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