Commercial Floor Resurfacers

What are Floor Resurfacers?

Resurfacers are used to repair worn or damaged concrete floors. Resurfacing is an effective way to smooth over large floor areas, providing a durable, seamless surface that withstands repeated cleaning, resists chemicals and thermal shock. A urethane sealer or top coat (link to page) can be added to the floor resurfacer to increase chemical resistance, cleanability or light reflectivity. The solution is a tough new floor surface that will add years of service life to problem floors.



  • Forklift and steel wheel traffic
  • Machine areas
  • Loading docks
  • Plating, pickling and anodizing lines
  • Cold storage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Secondary containment
  • Food and dairy industry
  • Paper and pulp environments
  • High durability
  • Long-term protection
  • Adheres to concrete, brick, metal and wood
  • Meets low odour OHSA regulations
  • Thermal shock resistance


When you purchase a floor system, you are buying into your flooring contractor. A warranty covering your project will give you the peace of mind your floors will be protected throughout their useful life.

CentiMark Ltd. offers a Single Source gloss and dust proof warranty covering all material, labour and tooling used to maintain your commercial floors. All of our warranties provide guaranteed gloss readings and dust resistance, on-site training of customer’s maintenance personnel, maintenance guidelines and 24/7 customer service with direct call access. Based on your project and needs, we will customize a warranty to fit your needs covering you for 10, 15 or 20 years. Learn more >>

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