Heavy Duty Resurfacer


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Cementitious Overlayments/Resurfacers

Plastic Mortar is a 100% epoxy floor topping is the workhorse of our product line.

Extend the Life of Your Floor

Resurfacers are used to repair and smooth over damaged concrete floors. The newly resurfaced area will provide a durable, seamless floor surface that withstands repeated cleaning and resists chemicals and thermal shock. This tough new floor surface will add years of service life to problem floors.


Plastic Mortar Stands Up to:


- Fork lift and steel wheel traffic - High durability
- Machine areas - Promotes long term protection
- Cold storage areas - Adheres to concrete, brick, metal and wood
- Plating, pickling, anodizing lines - Accepted for the food industry
- Secondary containment areas - Meets low odor OSHA regulations
- Food/dairy industry  
- Paper and pulp environments  
- Loading docks  
- Pharmaceutical processing areas  

Floor Patching Kits

QuestMark offers flooring services for all your concrete needs with a personal touch that you just can't find anywhere else. Whether you choose to take advantage of QuestMark's professional crews or choose do-it-yourself products, we will help you find the right solutions for your specific floor.

Plastic Mortar Floor Patching Products:
- Two gallon (18 lb. mix) and five gallon (65 lb. mix)
- Case: Four 2-gallon units
- Small kit: Five 65 lb. units
- Medium kit: Ten 65 lb. units
- Large kit: Fifteen 65 lb. units

Colors: available in light grey, dark grey, natural, black and red
(Special formulations available - weights and coverage rates may vary, bulk size available, kits include stainless mixer and trowel)