COVID-19 Resources

Keeping you safe no matter what.

While the world continues to change and adjust amid the COVID-19 pandemic, know that our dedication to keeping our customers safe remains the same.

As we continue to monitor and adapt to the situation daily, we have developed this page to serve as a resource for you and any questions you may have regarding safety and how we can help you.

All of our offices across Canada continue to implement effective cleaning procedures on all job sites and our associates remain diligent with social distancing and proper hygiene practices as recommended by the Ministry of Health, Canada. We are in full compliance with all rules and recommendations including wearing face masks and gloves, making the switch to virtual meetings when necessary and avoiding unnecessary contact with others. We have and will continue to adjust our policies and procedures as we progress through this pandemic.

Here is how we are keeping our customers safe during this time:

Jobsite Safety

Watch this quick video for information on just a few of the additional safety precautions we are taking to help get your roofing projects completed. Our top priority is keeping our customers and associates safe and minimizing risk wherever possible.

External Safety Accessories

Provide safe external roof access and minimize unnecessary contact with contractors. CentiMark provides the following products:

    • Fixed Ladders - A designated exterior access point.
    • Ladder Access Landing Platforms - A secure attachment point for portable ladders.
    • Ladder Security Doors - Allows fixed ladders to be locked for authorized access only.
    • Fall Arrest Systems - Protects personnel from falls.
    • Walkway Systems - Designated paths around the rooftop.
    • Guardrail Systems - Rooftop protection around perimeter and equipment.
    • Know that we are here for you. We are dedicated to keeping your business up and running by taking every precaution to ensure that we keep our customers and associates as safe as possible.

Thank you for your continued support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To speak with a dedicated CentiMark representative who can answer any questions or concerns you may have, call 877-673-8221.