Roof Safety

Roofing Safety

CentiMark takes great pride in the fact that its safety program is unmatched in the roofing industry. We are committed to maintaining the same degree of success and reputation in safety as we have in the quality of roofing services that we provide. 

CentiMark's Incident Rates are lower than the industry average!
4.87 CentiMark vs 5.6 average! 
Experience Modification Rate 2018-2019 = 0.47

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Safety incidence rates

Safety incidence rates measure a company’s performance as determined by the number of injuries that occur for every 100 employees who work 50 weeks per year, 40 hours per week.


Safety and injury prevention are our responsibility. We provide you with the latest safety products and advancements to protect your building and the people inside it. Prior to the start of any roofing or flooring project, we review all safety plans with our customers and crews. Our goal is for all associates to return home safely to their families every evening.


All roofing and flooring crews participate in mandatory, written training programs conducted by our full-time safety specialists. Ongoing training and both scheduled and random job-site inspections are routine. Our goal is to meet and exceed all OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards.

Branch safety inspector team

In addition to the Corporate Safety & Risk Department, CentiMark employs branch safety inspectors who serve as a full time safety inspector for the field office. Their primary responsibilities are project safety set-up and follow up, unannounced inspections to ensure compliance with all CentiMark, customer, Federal and State rules and regulations. Branch safety inspectors report directly to the regional managers and work together with Safety and Operations to improve compliance and protect customer investment, CentiMark people and property.

Safety training

Monthly safety meetings are conducted by the operations managers with all production and service personnel to review general and job specific safety issues. Mandatory Safety Meetings are conducted each quarter by regional safety specialists for all CentiMark associates to present and discuss a wide range of safety issues common to all employees. Periodic Safety Meetings are conducted by regional safety specialists to address accident trends, potential problems and/or the findings of unannounced jobsite inspections.

The Safety Training Certification program

Comprised of seventeen (17) individual standardized safety training units, each of which is dedicated to the specific hazards associated with the roofing industry. Regional safety specialists provide training under this program to all CentiMark associates. Those associates who meet the requirements of each training unit are deemed "certified" in that particular area of safety. Each unit is offered annually in accordance with the program's training schedule.

Subcontractor training

Occasionally, subcontractors will perform limited aspects of a roofing project. These subcontractors are required to review CentiMark's Safety Program with any employee they assign to a CentiMark project. An acknowledgement form must be signed confirming their understanding and compliance with CentiMark's Safety Program before they perform any services.



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