Waterproofing Solutions

In construction, a building or structure is waterproofed with the use of membranes and coatings to protect contents underneath, within as well as protecting the structural integrity of the system.

Building structures require waterproofing because concrete itself is not watertight by its porous nature but can be waterproofed with additives. The conventional method of waterproofing involves the use of 'membranes.' This method relies on the application of one or more layers of membrane, e.g., bitumen, silicate, urethane, PVC, EPDM, etc. that acts as a barrier between the water and the building structure, preventing absorption of water.

Over the past two decades, the construction industry has had technological advances in waterproofing materials, including integral waterproofing systems as well as more advanced membrane materials.

At CentiMark Ltd., we offer a wide range of waterproofing solutions for all your commercial and industrial requirements:

  • Exterior coatings and painting
  • Traffic membrane systems
  • Waterproof membrane installations
  • Compatible systems
  • Roof, deck and planter membrane replacements
  • Sealant replacement projects and repair programs
  • Silicone systems including silicone strip installation and glazing repairs
  • Wood and concrete traffic membrane systems
  • Pedestrian and vehicle traffic compatible membranes
  • High-rise and low-rise coating projects
  • Elastomeric and high build acrylic coatings
  • Clear water repellent sealers and tinted sealer products

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