Roof Cleaning Services
A clean roof is a happy roof.

Roof Cleaning Before and After

Roof Cleaning Frequency

To maximize the life and efficiency of your roof system, we recommend at least one cleaning each spring and fall. Roof cleanings can be an essential component of regular preventative maintenance.

Benefits of Regular Roof Cleaning

A clean roof offers additional benefits other than just being aesthetically pleasing. Regular cleaning can identify potential problem areas early on, avoiding costly repairs later. Also, clean roof membranes have a lower surface temperature than dirty ones, which increases the energy efficiency of the roof system.


The 3-Step Cleaning Process

  • 1CentiMark Ltd. crews apply a special environmentally-friendly high pH solution that will break down mould, dirt and algae on your roof
  • 2A high temperature, flat surface pressure washer rinses the contaminants away for a like-new finish
  • 3CentiMark Ltd. applies a nano-technology, sustainable, eco-friendly treatment that enhances and extends the cleanliness of the roof

As an end result, your clean roof will look great, have enhanced reflectivity and add performance to the roof membrane.

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