Roof Cleaning

Cleaning your roof can result in many benefits:


  • Aesthetics: A clean roof looks better than a dirty one. If the roof surface can be seen then the CentiMark Sustainable Roof Cleaning Solution will make the roof look better!

  • Membrane Performance: A clean roof will have a lower surface temperature than a dirty dark roof; thereby, aiding in the roof membrane reaching its maximum useful life.

  • Energy Savings: There will be some energy savings that can result from the cleaning of the roof. This can happen due to cooler air being taken in from the HVAC system and thereby requires less cooling, as well, as a reduced membrane temperature.

  • Biocides: Our cleaning process can be finished with a biocide that will reduce both algae and mold growth.

  • Identification of Membrane Condition: Cleaning the roof allows for the total exposure of the roof membrane and can expose needed repairs required for preventative maintenance.
  • Future Cleanings: Once the roof is cleaned and sealed it inhibits dirt and other growth build up; thereby, making future cleanings easier.

  • Sustainable Cleaning Process: The materials used are not hazardous and are environmentally friendly.

  • Workmanship: The CentiMark Sustainable Roof Cleaning is performed by CentiMark employees and will not jeopardize your CentiMark warranty.

Professionally clean your roof

White single-ply roofs do get dirty from debris, mold, pollution and environmental factors. To get the maximum benefit of reflectivity of the sun’s rays, as well as enhance the aesthetics of the roof, it’s wise to have your roof professionally cleaned. CentiMark Service Associates are trained in the proper techniques to clean the roof membrane and employ environmentally safe solutions.

View our "Clean your White, Single-Ply Roof" Video

Clean your roof annually

Cleaning should take place at least annually during the spring through fall. In addition to cleaning your white single-ply roof, our CentiMark crews can also perform routine Preventative Maintenance and repairs to help extend the life of your roof.



Is your roof clean?

In order to restore your commercial roofing system to its optimal performance, it's necessary to have a maintenance strategy in place that includes professional cleaning.

Steps for cleaning:

1. CentiMark crews apply a special environmentally friendly high pH solution that will break down mold, dirt and algae on your roof. A high temperature, flat surface pressure washer then rinses the contaminants away for a like new finish.
2. Upon thorough cleaning and rinsing, CentiMark then applies a nano-technology, sustainable, eco-friendly treatment to the roof that enhances and extends the cleanliness of the roof.
3. As an end result, the clean, white roof will look great, improve reflectivity and add performance to the roof membrane.


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