Asset Management for Your Roof
In-depth knowledge of your roof condition.

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CentiMark Ltd.’s Asset Management Program provides important financial guidance when facing difficult repair or replacement decisions. Our methodology simplifies the decision-making process by comparing the annual investment of a roofing repair relative to the annual investment of a new roof. We provide our customers with this data to aid in reducing both ownership and operating costs.

When enrolled in our Asset Management Program, roofs are evaluated section by section, based on the condition of the deck, membrane, flashings and other pertinent criteria. Our structured and proprietary process ensures every facility is evaluated consistently, every time.

First, we gather data about each roof section. Then, the results from the data are compiled using a complex algorithm CentiMark developed specifically for Asset Management.

The end result is a Roof Life Index (RLI) score of 1 - 100 and the ability for our customers to objectively compare dissimilar roof sections.

Knowledge is power! Protect your building’s biggest investment. Contact us to discuss an Asset Management Program today.

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