Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is used in many common building materials including sprayed on insulation, fireproofing and soundproofing in literally tens of thousands of buildings across Canada. It is used in schools, offices, warehouses, sports arenas, airport terminals and many other private and public structures. Millions of Canadians are endangering their health by breathing asbestos-laden air, unaware of their daily contact. It has been known for 45 years that asbestos is a carcinogen, a cancer causing agent that creates fibrous changes and scarring in lung tissue. While the latency period for asbestos-induced lung cancer is 15-30 years, most victims die within two years of the first symptom. But lung cancer is not the only hazard associated with asbestos. Physicians are now seeing cancers caused by asbestos fibers that have migrated to other parts of the body.

The obvious solution is to render our collective environments as free from the dangers of asbestos as is possible. From the first site inspection, to the final disposal of the hazardous material, CentiMark can provide all services associated with asbestos abatement.

Professional Preparation

Effective asbestos abatement techniques require innovative, meticulous and efficient preparation and execution. CentiMark personnel are experienced in a wide variety of abatement applications. Workers are certified and trained in all applicable environmental, health and safety regulations and experience rigorous ongoing training and safety updates. The experience that comes from preparing thousands of asbestos abatement projects has taught CentiMark workers to do it right and with great care. CentiMark maintains an excellent working relationship with industrial hygienists and air monitoring laboratories to insure adherence to all job specifications.

Quality Control

CentiMark constantly monitors the environment of all jobsites. Strict work and safety procedures are enforced. Management maintains a continuous and legally accountable presence. We at CentiMark take our work very seriously. There is no other way to handle asbestos abatement. Fortunately, the problems associated with asbestos are now well known. We at CentiMark are dedicated to providing a safe solution for as long as those problems continue to endanger the lives of Canadians.



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