Decorative Broadcast


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Decorative Broadcast

Add over all shine and a pleasing appearance to a hardworking high wear floor.

Broadcast is a monolithic epoxy floor resurfacer designed to restore moderately worn or pitted concrete floors while adding overall shine and minimizing slips. It is the ideal choice for decorative purposes in light and medium duty traffic areas such as aisleways, locker rooms, bathrooms, schools, cafeterias, clean rooms, packaging areas, manufacturing areas and laboratories. Available in a mild texture to a smooth finish and incorporate colored quartz aggregates or color flakes.




- Pharmaceutical processing areas - High wear
- Cafeterias - Chemical resistance
- Laboratories / Clean rooms - Array of color blends
- Restrooms / Locker rooms - Durable
- Shower rooms - Easy to clean
- Product display areas - Seamless, slip-resistant finish
- Hospitals and institutions - Smooth to moderate texture

Broadcast Color Options