Chemical Resistant


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Chemical Resistant Floor Systems

When your primary containment system fails, the secondary containment sysem becomes your first line of defense against contamination.

Chemical Resistance

Protective lining and coating systems are designed to contain chemical leaks, spills or tank ruptures. The systems are tailored to meet the needs of chemical process areas ranging from mild intermittent exposure to continuous immersion.

Fiber Glass Reinforced Systems

The products that compose our line of chemical resistant systems include the latest chemistries including fiberglass reinforcement contained in the applied coatings. The inclusion of reinforcing material in a spray or trowel applied coating eliminates problems with air pockets that are created when traditional reinforcement matting is used.



- Agricultural and fertilizer - Holding tank storage
- Automotive - Laboratories
- Battery charging areas - Metal Products
- Beverage - Pharmaceutical
- Chemical and petrochemical - Processing areas
- Drum storage areas - Pulp and paper
- Electronics and Circuit Board - Spill and splash zone
- Energy - Truck unload areas
- Food and Food Additives - Trenches & dykes