Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete is the way to an impressive and beautiful floor! A multi-step process of progressively grinding concrete floor surfaces turns a concrete floor surface into one with quality sheen, color and the ability to protect from water and other contaminants.

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Decorative Broadcast

Decorative Broadcast is special blend of multiple colored aggregates that provides attractive floor finishes with long-term durability. An ideal choice for flooring applications where slip resistance and quality floor appearances are required.

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Static Dissipative (ESD)

Static Dissipative Floor Systems are designed to protect against the transfer of static electricity to sensitive components or in sensitive areas. Our ESD systems range from thin mil coatings to ΒΌ" resurfacing systems for use in a variety of applications.

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Heavy Duty Resurfacer

Heavy Duty Resurfacing Systems are the solution for renovating old deteriorated concrete floors and providing a new surface with exceptional durability and longevity. Heavy Duty Resurfacing also smoothes out damaged, spalled surfaces.

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Chemical Resistant

Chemical resistant epoxies with Novolac chemistry enable mid to high performance in chemical exposure situations with the ability to contain high concentrations of acids and even some chlorinated solvents.

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High Build Coating

High Build Coating Systems are ideal for providing an attractive, easy-to-maintain floor finish with superior durability and wear resistance. High Build hides minor surface imperfections, provides light reflectivity and adds "depth" to the look of the floor.

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Decorative Concrete

Unique designer-looking concrete floors, custom floor overlayments, acid stains, dyed concrete, custom designs, logo designs or saw-cut patterns. Concrete no longer has to be plain and boring - it now can be beautiful and decorative.

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Thin Mil Coating - Epoxy

An economical solution for enhancing quality appearance of an floor area. Thin Mil Floor Systems are used in coating smooth floor surfaces to increase light reflectivity and decrease housekeeping by eliminating concrete porosity and dusting.

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