Case Study: Westin Bayshore Hotel - Vancouver, BC

Case Study: Westin Bayshore Hotel - Vancouver, BC


Westin Bayshore Hotel is one of Vancouver's premiere hotels located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. CentiMark completed a full tear-off of the existing roof system, (approximately 70,000 square feet), of this multi-level hotel. Installation included a new loose laid 60Mil EPDM Ballasted Roof system complete with tapered insulation and concrete pavers for roof-top access.

Access at ground levels was very restricted due to location of hotel with limited space for set-up of the vacuum truck, cranes and dumpsters. During the project, access to public walkways and parking needed to be maintained at all times. Roof access for CentiMark crews was through freight elevators and exterior ladders. Permits were obtained from the city in order to perform this work.


The biggest challenge with this project was the safety of both hotel guests and the general public. Being one of the busiest areas in downtown Vancouver, all roof work was done at specific window of time during the day. Work begin after 9 AM to keep noise levels to a minimum which required that CentiMark crews work very closely with the staff from the Westin Hotel.


Delivery of materials and the vacuuming of the existing gravel could only be done at certain times of the day. Removal of the upper roof sections could not be lowered directly into a dumpster due to the height and locations. Once the gravel was removed, it was then lowered with hydraulic hoists to lower roof levels and manually taken to loading dock where the dumpster was located.

Additionally, an unexpected challenge we faced was the presence of seagulls and their babies on the upper roof. The roof could only be completed once the babies were able to fly which made scheduling a challenge in consideration of the seagulls.


The customer's expectations were met and exceeded as all components of the hotel continued to operate daily with very little disruption. One project requirement was the preservation of the hotel aesthetics; this was achieved by using washed river rock and strategically placing concrete paving stones, which enhanced the aesthetics especially when looking down on the hotel.

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