Case Study: Stweart & Stevenson - Calgary, AB

Case Study: Stewart & Stevenson - Calgary, AB


The roof on Stewart & Stevenson's office building was in poor condition and experiencing multiple water leaks. It was obvious from the initial inspection that several attempts had been made to repair the leaking areas. However, the most economical option was a total roof replacement since the roof had reached the end of its serviceable life.

This project required that CentiMark complete a full tear-off of the existing roof system consisting of 1" fiberglass panel insulation, ½" asphalt and 4-ply felts and ¾" asphalt embedded and loose gravel down to the 1.5" corrugated steel decking. A new mechanically fastened EPDM roof system was to be installed on 7,400 square feet over occupied office space.


A few challenges with this project included working around multiple rooftop units and penetrations within a relatively small roof area. CentiMark was also required to adhere to Stewart & Stevenson's specified site safety requirements. Additionally, there was concern to limit disruptions to the employees working in the office space below.


In order to deal with the high level of congestion on the roof, additional labor was bid into the project. CentiMark also decreased its average daily day rate to allow for the additional time required to complete the detail work of this roof replacement.

All CentiMark employees were required to sign-in with security and were made familiar with the site specific safety regulations. Any additional safety equipment was issued to all crewmembers and used while working on-site.
Since most office employees did not start work until 9 A.M., CentiMark crews started at 6 A.M. to complete the noisiest part of the job early in the morning prior to the arrival of the office staff working below.


Stewart & Stevenson's expectations for this project were completely satisfied. The customer was able to continue their day-to-day operations with minimal impact to the building's occupants. Also the appearance of the building was greatly enhanced by the addition of laminated walkway pads and new pitch pans for the wall supports.

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