Case Study: City Square Shopping Center - Vancouver, BC

Case Study: City Square Shopping Center - Vancouver, BC


The City Square project consisted of three phases:

Phase 1 - Full roof replacement of approximately 44,400 square feet that included the installation of new fully adhered 60Mil reinforced EPDM roof system complete with fully adhered tapered insulation to steel structure.

Phase 2 - Required complete restoration to the Atrium Tower, consisting of removal of EIFS stucco walls and glazing. Installation of a new UNI-CLAD metal wall system and new low-E-double glazed windows. All glazing beauty caps, pressure plates were removed, cleaned, painted and replaced with new fasteners.

Phase 3 - Full roof replacement of sloped slate shingles containing asbestos to Heritage building roofs. CentiMark crews were fully trained in asbestos containment and disposal for this particular project. Installation of new CertainTeed Symphony Synthetic Slate.


The biggest challenge with the City Square project was the safety of the general public as business continued as usual during the length of the project. City Square Shopping Centre has a large amount of atrium type skylights that run from North to South and East to West. All skylight atriums were screened on the underside with blue polyester netting in order to protect the general public from any debris or equipment falling through the openings during construction.


All deliveries and vacuuming of the gravel were conducted from the front of the building. Busy streets were blocked off utilizing permits and subcontracted out to roadside traffic control companies to manage traffic flow. The backside of the building would have allowed easier access, however, due to load constraints on the structural slab, this could not be carried out.


City Square's expectations were met and exceeded. All components of the shopping centre continued with their daily businesses with little to no disruption. The customer praised CentiMark for their continual communications updates and education on the ever-growing project.

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