21 001 January eNews2021 Roofing and Flooring Trends

Many of us are excited to welcome 2021 with open arms. A new year means new possibilities, change and growth. While many are still feeling the effects of the pandemic, we are looking for ways to help you stay ahead during the new year. Here are some roofing and flooring trends that we expect to see in 2021 and some recommendations for you.

COVID Implications

Remote working, tighter budgets and the need to eliminate interpersonal contact are just a few of the running themes in the business world that will carry into 2021. The need for innovation in technology is imperative.

Utilizing technology in the commercial roofing industry such as scheduling virtual meetings and making use of digital platforms is now more critical than ever. Don’t forget, our 3D Virtual Site Assessment Program is the ideal way to leverage technology and gain roof knowledge from the comforts of your home or office. Your facility and roof can be safely inspected, while simultaneously adhering to social distancing guidelines and minimizing the need for in-person access to your facility. We capture critical data of your property utilizing state-of-the-art drones with high definition, infrared and thermal capabilities. This information is then logged into our platform so you will have access to the data in one convenient site. With this, you can eliminate the need for multiple site visits by various contractors, and the need for in-person meetings. The entire inspection and auditing process can be completed virtually and at a distance.

More Service Work, Less Reroofing

As the pandemic has affected businesses, companies are going to look for alternative roofing solutions. This potentially means tighter budgets, an increase in expense spend versus capital spend and more coating solutions. We are seeing increases in service work to keep roofs watertight. We recommend scheduling your service work once an issue has been detected so we can help you keep any leaks and minor damages at bay to stay within your budget before they become bigger problems.

Labor Shortages

The shortage in labor has continued into this year. Labor shortages can be attributed to not only the increasing need for roofing and flooring work, but to the lack of available roof and floor laborers as well. Skilled labor is still decreasing in popularity, making it difficult to find. This can be attributed to misconceptions regarding the construction industry and fewer people enrolling in trade schools. The shortage in labor means that we will continue to see the cost of roofing and flooring rise. To entice skilled laborers and keep up with the increasing demand for workers, companies will need to provide competitive wages and benefits.

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Roof and Floor Maintenance Timelines

We know that your roofs and floors are some of the most important parts to your building envelope, and it’s critical that they are properly maintained. Whether you’re a property manager, building owner or part of a building maintenance team, we’ve developed a couple of yearly timelines with suggestions on when and how to maintain your roofs and floors.


LTD CentiMark Roofing Maintenance Timeline

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21 001 January eNews RetailRetail Cleanup

The busiest season in the retail industry has come and gone. Now that you have a little more downtime, this is a great time to do some clean-up, repairs and maintenance throughout your store. Take a look at our recommendations for getting your floors in excellent shape to start off the new year on the right foot, literally.

Schedule an Inspection

Now that the heavy foot traffic has come and gone, we recommend scheduling an inspection of your floor surfaces to determine if there are any repairs or maintenance that need to be made. Additionally, this will help you go into the new year with a strong understanding of the condition of your floors. Knowing the condition of your floors will help you develop a proper budget for 2021 so you know where, when and how to spend your flooring dollars.

Make Needed Repairs

After the inspection, it is important to repair any damaged areas to keep your floors as safe as possible for customers and employees. Common floor damage can include holes, cracks and spalling. Getting these items repaired now will make a big difference in preventing larger issues down the road.

Invest in Daily Maintenance Products and Services

Incorporating daily floor maintenance products and services into your cleaning and maintenance schedule can help improve the look of your floors all while extending the service life. CentiMark can help you determine which products are the best for your floors and facility. We can also help with the training of your in-house maintenance staff on proper procedures.

There are a variety of additional solutions that can enhance the quality, safety and appearance of your floors. Take advantage of post-holiday downtime and get your floors back in excellent shape today.

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